Utrecht Health Coach

Utrecht Health Coach guiding the Dutch and expat community towards their nutritional goals through online & in-person health coaching. Ellazondo Nutrition is motivated to educate about the medicinal power of food with the goal of preventing the need for medical intervention.

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Plant-Based Nutrition

Ellazondo Nutrition is fuelled by the experience of treating nutrition related health conditions & is now instead channeling the intention toward prevention through a varied plant-based diet. Above all, you are the expert of your own body and your dietary preferences and restrictions are supported; Ellazondo ensures your diet is safe, sustainable, and promotes health.

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American Dietitian

Utrecht Health Coach providing in-person nutrition counseling as well as workplace wellness presentations for the Dutch and Expat Community. Possessing knowledge and practice of medical nutrition therapy in a hospital setting, Ellazondo is pleased to offer a means of disease prevention through nutrition intervention.

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All of us are so beautifully different and I believe that should be celebrated and honoured. Ellazondo Nutrition understands the importance of considering the details of each client in order to help reach their health and lifestyle goals. Driven by nutrition related disease prevention and evidence-based research it is my intention to provide guidance and support towards your nutrition goals. It brings me joy to work with people face to face and in their own home kitchen in order to better understand their current lifestyle and to create the most appropriate plan accordingly. Now, with the help of Skype, I am overjoyed with the ability to connect with virtually anyone with an internet connection. It is my intention to give you my full attention whether you are in my computer or I am in your home for a personal Utrecht Health Coach experience. I hope we can find each other soon.


Utrecht Health Coach | Ellazondo Nutrition

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