Health Coaching

Utrecht Health Coach Services are available via Skype and/or in-person. Providing a unique consulting process that starts with a get to know you coffee and leads to a house call to personally review your kitchen and cooking process.

Meal Planning

Providing assistance through recipe selection, meal preparation, and cooking tutorials. Let's work together to minimise food waste, reduce stress, and achieve health through meal planning.

Workplace Wellness

Promoting and supporting work environments to enjoy and reap the benefits of plant-based foods in their lunches; reducing sick-leave, improving sleep, and increasing work productivity.

Utrecht Health Coaching Services

Get Acquainted Coffee (Skype) Date

30 minutes: € 0,-

House Call / Skype Call

1 Month: € 495,- // 3 Month: € 1400,-  // 6 Month: € 2.700,-

1.5-hour Sessions - Once a week

Assess your current eating habits and kitchen

Cook together, meal prep and planning

Create achievable, individualised health goals

Follow up to assess obstacles and successes.

Evidenced-Based Writing

Providing evidence-based articles regarding health benefits of plant foods and a balanced diet (references included). Articles or short statements can be utilized for website material, social media, or marketing purposes.

225 words: € 50,- // 500 words: € 75,-

Including photos/tables/graphs: +€ 25,-

Workplace Wellness Presentation

How proper nutrition can benefit your career by increasing efficiency, motivation, and confidence in the workplace. Many topics available including: How to Build an Ideal Plate, How to Snack, and Super Vitamin Education.

1.5-hour: € 200,-

Voedingsdeskundige bij SPAT Verandert

I am pleased with the opportunity, via Spat Verandert, to offer evidence-based nutrition advice in Utrecht.

Shall we set something up?

Please contact me for more detailed information and to set up an appointment.